WINNER of Emmy Award for show National Mall : Americas Frontyard June 25 2016!!

Proud to share news of bringing home a National Emmy Award this month @Pixeldust Studios, for show National Mall : Americas Frontyard for PBS, responsible for design, 3d digital recreation of Washington DC then and now!! ..Category: Outstanding Graphics/Arts......Kudos to the amazing producers David Murdock and Isham Randolph of Camera One Productions.....You can find the work/show links below!!...feel free to watch all videos!! cheers Pixeldust!!…/national-mall-americas-front-yard/
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36th Annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards!!..Nomination for animation work for Smithsonian Channels Mass Extinction show!!

(July 22 2015) Received Emmy Nomination for animation work for Smithsonian Channels Mass Extinction show @ the 36th Annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards !!!!

Proud of the Pixeldust Studios crew for our National Emmy nomination for "Outstanding Graphic Design & Art Direction" for the amazing film "Extinction: Life on the brink" Congrats also to Smithsonian Channel, Producer Sarah Holt, Editor Daniel Sheire and the entire team at Tangled Bank.

New Work updates in CGI Artwork/VFX Section

Recent work for AUDI showrooms: Final compositing.

Recent work recreating 3d cities for "Urban Jungle"  

Benelli USA : Ethos Shotgun animation work.

Accomplished cgi shots showcasing Benelli's New product gun ETHOS regenerated in 3d in all its glory. Animations feature critical parts of the gun and easyloading, receiver and bolt mechanisms.

Credits for lighting, shading, rendering and animation using Maya-Mental Ray. Showcased on Benelli website and their You tube channel.

Recent animation work aired on Nat Geo Channel "ALIEN DEEP" by Bob Ballard.

Recent show depicting highly detailed animations from lighting deepest parts of the oceans to CGI flyover Hawaiin islands and ships caught up in storms! Major credits include dynamics, shading, lighting and compositing. Aired on Nat Geo Channel Sept 16 2012.

Alien Deep Episode : Oceans Fury
Alien Deep Episode : Fires of Creation

Recent animation work on Untamed Americas for NG Channel

Recent work on "Untamed Americas" (Episodes: Mountains, Deserts)! Using Autodesk Maya and Vue recreated complex terrain features using geological data and Camera projection techniques for transitions between live footage into CGI fly overs.

Untamed Americas
Untamed Americas

Recent animation work aired : Diving into Noah's Flood on NG Channel

Recent animation work >> "Diving into Noah's Flood" tonight January 5, at 8 PM EST Nat Geo Channel ::

Rendering, texturing, lighting, dynamic fx and compositing "Eridu" and "Uruk" temples + responsible for dynamics and live action compositing of cgi elements for lush valley shots. Co-credits : Tim Mzorek for 3d modeling.

Updated portfolio section/Ancient Cities >>

Uruk : Diving into Noah's Flood : NG Channel

Recent animation work aired on PBS for Fabric of the Cosmos - Multiverse, Time & Space


Watch full shows online:

Responsible for all Multiverse design and rendering/animation for episode "Universe or Multiverse?". Also developed space and grid shots look and feel for "What is Space?" episode.

Updated Portfolio section >>